Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Millie The Lovable Monster

...If you thought Casper The Friendly Ghost was the most sissyfied 'horror' comic ever created, you thought wrong. Millie the Lovable Monster is sooo cute she doesn't even talk... instead, she draws cute pictograms for her lovable friends to decipher, friends like Goody, the Pink Ghost. Yikes! Created in 1962 by the legendary (and at that time, recently fired) Archie Comics stalwart, Bill Woggon... most famous for his Katy Keene fashion comics... Millie was so sweet she only lasted three issues. Any more than that would have rotted our teeth out. It was also hilarious and unique, in a "so bad it's good" kind of way. Mister Kitty seems particularly fond of the 'twist' story in the first issue, and writes it up good and nasty on his Stupid Comics site. The always enlightening Scott Shaw! posts in detail about Millie here, along with some nice images. Despite the insipid cutseyness, Millie does have it's Monsterama moments, like the monster party in issue three, or the Toho- style giant monster fight in issue one, pictured here (click to enlarge).