Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Scary Gary

I'm a fan of Mark Buford's daily comic strip Scary Gary. It's a creepy monster comedy with a dry, and often dark, sense of humor. I haven't seen a dud yet. The strip centers around Gary the vampire and his green, demonic, sidekick, Leopold as they try to adjust to life in the suburbs. There's also a nerdy ghost named Owen and a head in a jar named Travis. From Go Comics: "He's rather burned out on vampirism and is ready to hang up his cape... but Leopold keeps the neighborhood thoroughly terrorized."

Spook House Dave!

Once in a while something creeps on on me and blows my monster-lovin' mind. Spook House Dave! snuck up from Atlanta, a cute, creepy cross between Mad Monster Party and the Muppets, created by delightfully deranged puppet master Lucky Yates and Dragonfruit geniuses Melissa Honabach and Michael Koziol. I love it!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Caught in my Web

The jaystephens.com website is in the midst of a major, and long overdue, update. Check out the new Gallery images, updated Checklist, Bio, and more. I'll try and maintain it better from now on, I swear!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Out Now!

The latest issue of Cartoon Network Action Pack (#39) is on the shelves, with a story described thusly, "The Secret Saturdays discover a strange and ancient relationship between a cryptid and an Italian village". It's a good one! And next month, in issue #40, "The Secret Saturdays get to the bottom of a mystery involving a strange species of cryptids called Flying Rods"... featuring the return of Piecemeal!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Goodbye John A. Keel

Loren Coleman at Cryptomundo has reported that eminent Cryptozoologist John A. Keel passed away on Friday, July 3rd. Keel was a controversial and influential writer and investigator, best known for his work 'The Mothman Prophesies' about a cryptid sighted in West Virginia in the late 1960's, that was later made into a Hollywood film of the same name. Keel's theories about cryptid sightings, which combined other paranormal and occult areas of study with cryptozoology, influenced the creation of The Secret Saturdays. As a tribute, I recommend checking out one of his many weird, wonderful books out from your local Library. See you on the other side, John.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

July Is Saturdays Month...

... and not just because that's our month on the CN 2009 Calendar (check out that sasquatch Nood above!). July is also the month we launch the Toy line... all this cool stuff is out now, so do me, the series, and cartoons on Cartoon Network a big favour and support the Secret Saturdays! Later this month (the 21st) will see the release of the first Saturdays DVD, too, and the second one has just been announced. It's starting to get exciting!