Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Stumble and Flail

I've fallen a bite behind scanning and posting my own cool, creepy, crap these days, so here's an Unholy Trio to keep you idling.Frankensteinia compiles (you guessed it) all things Frankenstein, from foreign film posters to pet costumes. Me like! Me also like Monsterbrains, so go there for awhile. Monsterama commands you! And if you've got a hankering for a daily (!) dose of pre-code horror comics, please drop by the dead-lightful blog known only as The Horrors Of It All...


A massive two-volume English translation of Kazuo Umezu's Cat Eyed Boy (Nekome Kozo) is coming in June from Viz! From their Press Release: "...for those who relish the spine chilling, we are extremely pleased to announce the North American debut of CAT EYED BOY from Kazuo Umezu, who is considered the master of the horror manga genre that has recently captivated legions of domestic readers. Cat Eyed Boy is a half-human, half-monster child whose mostly human appearance bans him from the demon world. He lives hidden in the shadows of the human world, hated by humans and demons alike. Wherever he goes, awful events occur as the humans and demons interact. In 11 stories of revenge and retribution full of disturbing images, Cat Eyed Boy acts as a trickster, saving the innocent and helping the wicked receive the punishment that fate metes out. The first volume contains four stories and the first part of a fifth and longer story. Cat Eyed Boy offers up a concoction of dark vignettes dripping with the macabre and the absurd. In other words, it's like a darker version of Shigeru Mizuki's manga universe, where the half-human, half-yokai Kitaro has freinds in both worlds, including some cute monsters. Poor Cat Eyed Boy is alone in a much more frightening place.(interesting review/cultural comparison by Christopher Butcher)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Microscopic Monsters

Very cool post about tiny, mythical, 16th Century creatures living in our bodies over at Pink Tentacle. From the site: "Long ago in Japan, human illness was commonly believed to be the work of tiny malevolent creatures inside the body. Harikikigaki, a book of medical knowledge written in 1568 by a now-unknown resident of Osaka, introduces 63 of these creepy-crawlies and describes how to fight them with acupuncture and herbal remedies."

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Duck And Cover!

Oh, dear. I find myself in the unusual position of being very excited about an upcoming Dreamworks CGI animated feature. But what can I do? It's called Monsters Vs. Aliens... and there's a 50-ft. woman in it.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Secret Comics

The Secret Saturdays will be joining the lineup of Cartoon Network all-stars in the DC Comics anthology title CN Action Pack beginning in June (#26). The first story and cover (pictured above) is be me, and I will continue to be as involved as time allows in all the Saturdays comic book appearances.