Friday, July 21, 2006

Impossible, you say?

This British comics Annual from 1968 has some of the worst off-model drawings of Frankenstein Jr. in it. What could have been a very cool line up of stories featuring the likes of (personal favorites) Space Ghost and The Impossibles, it is instead a collection of garishly recolored reprints accompanied by some rather tragic 'artwork' from the Atlas Publishing staff. I can hardly believe this is an official Hanna-Barbera product! Guess it speaks volumes about how important Joe and William felt the British market was. Here's a look at a page from the original 'Frankie Jnr' text story fromm the back of the book, entitled "A Spook In His Wheel" (click to enlarge). I try to look away, but I can't!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Back from the Abyss

Where are all the cool monsters? Where the hell have I been, anyway? Well, fiends, I've been in L.A. on top secret cartoon business. The Cryptids project is now in full-blown development with the lovely and talented Cartoon Network, and I'll let you know how that's going soon. Now back to our scheduled programme...

The last post had me reminiscing about this 1976 book Make-Up Monsters that I begged my mother to order for me through Scholastic when I was a kid. This is my original copy, and it's pretty dog-eared! I tried out nearly all of Marcia Lynn Cox's cool techniques for All Hallows and otherwise... including SKULL FACE, SCAR FACE, COUNT DRACULA, DRIPPING FACE, and my favorite, the WEREWOLF. The last one was so itchy it drove me crazy, but I still wore it twice!