Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Franny K. Stein

My kids' school had it's annual BBQ last week, and look what I found at the book sale. Jim Benton is probably best known for his annoyingly ubiquitous 'Happy Bunny' merchandise, but this newer childrens' book series is definately more down our darkened Monsterama alley! Franny K. Stein is a schoolage Mad Scientist, with bats for friends. She makes zombie servants out of luncheon meats and she is fabulous. I just picked up the first volume from 2003, Lunch Walks Among Us, and my kids and I loved it. So I have to go and buy the other four books now. You know.... for my kids. Ahem--! Ohhhh! And there's a vinyl figure, and a flashlight keychain, and a glow-in-the-dark T-shirt, and...

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Monster Factory!

Introducing the amazing Kevin. He is one of many huggable weirdos to come out of the smoke and mirrors of the Monster Factory. Take a tour of the factory floor for drawings, plushes, and also... funny movies. Oh, yeah, Rhya and her co-workers also have a blog. Grrr!

Old Haunts

Do I ever love this new blog of Keith's! Old Haunts is described as, "Old photographs of Halloweens long past. Faded, out-of-focus snapshots. Far away memories of the chilly Autumns of our childhoods. Turn of the Century, to the '60s & '70s." Ahhh...

Kreepsville U.S.A.

Monsterama's good pal Von Kreep is stitching together a gruesome cartoon show, with spooktacular design work by Darryl Young. Check the blog regularly to see if anything twitches. Mwa Ha Ha Haaaa!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Tell You A Secret

Kirk Demarais is a weirdo after my own black heart. His Secret Fun Spot is full of all kinds of monster stuff and retro goodies, and the new Secret Fun Spot Blog is a must-see thriller! Go now or get lost!

The Color Of (J.) Evil

I just got ahold of this rare Mr. and Mrs. J. Evil Scientist color guide from their 1962 Snooper and Blabber appearance, and thought I'd share it with you loyal creepsters.

More More Monsters

It appears that the previously blogged Mr. Rozum has gotten his charmingly creepy children Daphne and Dashiell into the family act. Monsters and More is another great gallery of kid monster drawings... some fiendishly familiar faces such as Hedorrah the Smog Monster (my favorite Kaiju, too, Dash) and the Creature from the Black Lagoon alongside some nasty new nightcrawlers.