Thursday, January 05, 2006

Go, Go, Weird-Ohs!

Monster (and Hot Rod) history was made back in 1963 when the Hawk Model Company unleashed the Weird-Ohs. The first 3 kits... Davey, Digger, and Daddy... were freaky little drag fiends, and they caught on like a plague! Toys, records, trading cards, and Hallowe'en masks were soon to follow, and the stange little twerps created by Bill Campbell have become lengendary in collectors circles. Bubblegum Fink! has a nice assortment of Weird-Oh baseball cards on display, which are really great to see all in one place. One thing you rarely see are nice examples of the finished, painted models. Cal Everett corrects this pop culture oversight by maintaining an amazing website chock full of fully painted monster kits, including all of the Weird-Ohs reissues. Tool around the site a bit while you're there... he's got some great Finks on display, and the photos of his basement had me drooling! You dig? There was an attempt at 'reviving' the Weird-Oh's as a CGI animated cartoon recently, and I only mention it to warn you away. Stick (and Sick!) with what works, I always say.