Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Bloody Baby Boomers

Doktor Von Kreep from over at 1313 just gave me a shrunken heads up about this wicked new offering from PPS called Monster Kid Home Movies. Here's a little of what good ol' Horror-wood has to say... "This little gem of a disc collects 30 -- count 'em, 30 -- homemade monster movies. These are short films made by kids for kids, in some instances by youngsters who went on to became famous... At their best, these shorts are surprisingly impressive. The early stop-motion animation films by future Disney animator Frank Dietz and the elaborate makeup effects and costumes created by future comic book artist Kerry Gammill are minor wonders. Tinnell’s teenage Frankenstein (1977) shows enough directorial imagination – such as the use of a James Whale-like subjective POV shot – to hint at his future career. But for my money the single most entertaining picture of the lot is Weaver’s action-packed Up for Grabs (1980), starring Weaver’s late brother, John, who dreamed of becoming a Hollywood stunt man." Boy oh boy! I honestly can't wait to get ahold of a copy... this is pure Monsterama madness, folks. Here's another review over at Bleeding Skull, as if you need any more convincing.