Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eyes On Monster Watch

Here's a nice antidote to the heavy (and hopefully fun!) dose of fantasy The Secret Saturdays injects into the realm of cryptozoology. Monster Watch promises to keep the public updated on monster news, "from microscopic space bacteria to giant woolly mammoths", but only working off of hard, scientific facts. If you ever doubted the world is filled with real monsters, click the link and be amazed. And while on the subject of 'real' monsters, the always awesome Pink Tentacle has posted a stunning piece on mummified demons! Click through and read for yourself... many photos are of obvious taxidermy 'gaffs', but what to make of this demon head (above) from Zengyōji temple? From the site, "Nobody knows where the demon head came from, nor how or why it ended up in storage. Legend has it that a resident priest discovered the mummy in a temple storage chamber in the early 18th century. Imagine his surprise." Oh, and did I mention it has a third face on the back of the head? Eeeek!