Monday, April 24, 2006

The Phantom Army

Japanese Suitmation shows produced some of the creepiest looking monster costumes ever. Maybe it was all that nuclear bombing seeping into the collective pop culture, but WOW... look at these freaky yokai-ish Phantom Army mutants from the 1973/74 series Inazuman! Yikers! F.Y.I., Inazuman went through a moth-like transformation... first entering a pupal stage called "Sanagiman" by weaving a coccoon around himself. Sanagiman has limited powers and must wait until the power gauge on his belt powers up to full. At that point, he poses and yells the command, "Choriki Shorai!" (Super Powers Summoned), the pupa explodes, and reveals the mighty Inazuman underneath. Yessir... even the good guys were kinda gross!