Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hip... Hip... Hipira!

What do you get when you cross mangaka Katsuhiro (Akira, Steamboy) Otomo with production designer Shinji (Lupin III, My Neighbor Totoro) Kimura? How about a short, sweet, spooky children's book about a city of vampires? Yup...Hipira is a book about a naughty vampire kid who likes to pretend the sun is coming up in the forever-dark town of Salta. He makes friends with a unformed sprite and a voracious demon baby, and generally makes vampirism look weird and fun. Did you know that if a vampire drinks the blood of a sprite it gets to go to hell? Me neither. Apparently hell is heavenly for vampires. Dark Horse has recently released this lavish picture book in english, and you can take a peek at the gorgeous artwork here.