Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Mummy, Can I Play?

As announced awhile back on my website and elsewhere, the new Tutenstein mobile phone games by Sandager Small Games are now available.From the press release:

Tutenstein is an award winning Cartoon series that is running on major TV Networks in Europe. SSG has acquired the mobile rights to Tutenstein and is happy to launch a great pack of Tutenstein content including games:

* 2 Premium Tutenstein Games * 3 Arcade Tutenstein Games

Happy Mummy’s Birthday
Happy Mummys Birthday is probably the best mobile game we ever developed. It is a huge educational game with many challenges. To complete the game you need to go through 3 worlds and play as each of the 3 characters. This Premium game offers excellent graphics and original music.

Tutenstein Reviving
Tutenstein Reviving is a great Premium game in isometric view. You task is to help Tut through the museum with our being caught. A huge game with many challenges.

Tutenstein – Escape from the Underworld
Escape from the Underworld is a high quality Arcade game with Tut in the front. This is a bomberman type game and you have to act fast and keep your head cold in this challenging game.

Tutenstein’s Amulets
Tutenstein’s Amulets is an arcade-/brain game. Swap the amulets to collect 3 or more of the same sort. Very entertaining – and and almost addictive to effect to get the highscore beaten!

The Tutenstein Chase
The Tutenstein Chase is a fast game! See if you can follow the speed of an ancient mummy? We offer 6 levels packed with challenges.

All the Tutenstein games are optimized for:
* Nokia
* Motorola
* SonyEricsson
* Siemens
* Samsung