Monday, December 05, 2005

Brucie Lives!

If you're not already familiar with the cult TV series The Hilarious House Of Frightenstein, produced over here in Hamilton Ontario in the '70's, there's nothing I can say more thouroughly or enthusiastically than my comrades over at Castle Frightenstein and The Frightenstein Fiend Club already have. Please head over "where the sun won't shine" before limping back here to Monsterama... you won't be disappointed. Now. Frightenstein is one of my very favourite shows-- as any kids tv series featuring Vincent Price, a dancing Wolfman, and a bumbling Count trying to perpetually revive a Karloffian monster called 'Brucie' is bound to be-- and I was thrilled beyond belief to discover that a few episodes (previously only available as low res bootlegs) were being released on DVD by Empire Pictures. The quality is great, and it was a real trip, man, watching these kooks come alive again... nearly all played by the incomparable Billy Van. Unfortunately, this is a release of the American version of the show, cut down from an hour-long into a half-hour format, and missing some far-out stuff. No Proffessor, I'm afraid, and no Mosquito. Very little Oracle, as well. But there's still a strong enough dose of Grizelda, Count Frightenstein, Igor, and the Wolfman (including those unforgettably trippy dance numbers) to put a tear into an old creeps eye. Monsterama highly recommends.