Tuesday, November 01, 2005

My Brood

The family and I had a great Hallowe'en night. Desi was dressed as the Teen Titans version of Robin, and Nora went out as Queen Amidala... both homemade masterpieces by my Mother-In-Law (pictures later, I hope). When you are seven and five years old, this is how you might view the holiday. The Frankenmonster face and FatBat are Desmond's, and the Vampirette and Sleepy Jack are by Nora. The weather on the 31st was balmy, and we got a couple of full pillowcases, so the night was one for the books. The kids were braver this year, so we drove down to Queen Street in Guelph to hit the big old mansions and the popular 'Hallowe'en House' (a famously decoration-coated landmark). Daddy (dressed as a skeleton) also got some candy and stayed up to watch the Exorcist by himself. Wheee!