Tuesday, November 01, 2005

It's Not Dead Yet

That's right folks, it ain't over! From Muertos:"The Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico on November 2nd. It is a time when Mexican families spend time at the cemetery, visiting the graves of their relatives, cleaning and perhaps painting the headstones, arranging flowers, especially flowers of the dead (Marigolds) and lighting candles. It is also the time when Mexican families construct special home altars dedicated to the spirits of their deceased loved ones. The altars range from simple to the very elaborate and are usually filled with objects that provided pleasure to the departed person in life, including favorite food and drink. Altars dedicated to the spirits of deceased children often include toys, candy and other sweets. The altars or "ofrendas" as they are called, also usually contain objects made from sugar or sugar sculpture known as "alfenique." These objects may be small animals, such as lambs, miniature plates of food (enchiladas with mole), small coffins, often with pop-up skeletons, and of course, the sugar skull or 'calavera'." Here's a neat site on the subject called Casa De Calaveras. And speaking of Calaveras, I recommend you loyal weirdos check out my previous post on the late, great Jose Guadalupe Posada.