Saturday, January 05, 2008

Cute Creeps

Those of you who've been following my sporadic posting on all things monster-kid-ish know I have a soft spot for Things created by weird young minds. I totally dig a good monster doodle with a fresh perspective. Along those lines, The Guardian recently held a monster drawing contest, and here are the winners. The Hairgobbler above is by Reef Dorr, 7, and is descibed thusly, "It is 25mm long. It is very hairy. This creature flies around, landing on middle-aged men’s heads. It crawls around to either the forehead or the crown, then uses the pincer on its tail to pull out the hairs. Then it eats all the hairs up! And this is the reason men go bald." Wonderful! And I just love the UK children's ubiquitous use of watercolors... very old-school.