Saturday, September 22, 2007


Some of the crew working on the Secret Saturdays were surprised to discover that the 'cryptids' that appear in the show are all based on real modern sightings of strange creatures or on traditional folkloric beasts from cultures around the world. The mixture of hard science and local mythology that make up what is known as 'Cryptozoology' has fascinated me since childhood. Scattered data collected by such pioneers as Charles Fort and Bernard Heuvelmans has inspired a devoted branch of science dedicated to the study of mysterious animals. I check in on Loren Coleman and Cryptomundo every day, and it's a great place to begin your own research into the world of mystery beasts. And I never miss an article of Dr. Karl Shuker's in Beyond, either. I hope the real cryptozoologists out there don't think I'm trivializing their work so much as popularizing it through animation. I take the stuff seriously. No, really. Don't laugh. I believe in Sasquatch, don't you?