Friday, February 16, 2007


Yup, it's official. The show I've had in development for a year with the Cartoon Network (formerly known as 'CRYPTIDS') just got picked up for 26 half-hour episodes! You can read some early press here and here. The press release goes like this... "THE SECRET SATURDAYS: Jay Stephens has created a new comedy/action series, in which Doc, Drew and Zak Saturday are a family of world-saving adventure scientists called The Secret Saturdays. Living in a hidden base, they are part of a network of scientists who protect against all the hidden and terrifying things in this world. To The Saturdays, ordinary folktales aren’t just legends -- they are real-life mysteries and adventures. Traveling from the hot Gobi Desert to the icy Marianas Trench, they explore ancient temples and bottomless caves and tangle with twisted villains like the masked madman V.V. Argost and his half-human/half-giant spider." Here's hoping you'll dig it!