Sunday, January 07, 2007

Festival Hexe

What do you know? I guess sitting around on a runway in a crappy little airplane during a delay pays off sometimes. Otherwise I might have never read about Switzerland's Ski Witches. The The 25th Annual Belalp-Blatten Witches’ Race will be run January 21–27, 2007, and grew out of an old local legend of a drunken Witch from Blatten who turned into a raven and flew across the valley to hook up with some slutty sorcerer. Now bored of her nice, dull husband, she found him culling cherries from a tree when she returned and killed him by emptying her entrails into his eye. And now they have a fun all-ages ski to commemorate the story. Oh, and they get stinking drunk. I'm not making this up! The Witches’ Race ends in Blatten, exactly on the spot where the virtuous husband died-- apparently of accute entrail poisoning. More photos here.