Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I Sure Do Dig Halowe'en

Well, tonight's the big, evil party. Hope you have a sugar-buzzed blast! I'm proud to say that both my kids chose to be vampires this year. No namby-pamby princesses or pirates for our house, no sir! Genuine undead only, if you please. My DRAWN! comrade and fellow weirdo Ward Jenkins seems to have had the right spirit from an early age. Chills the heart, it does. Ahhh. And I see young Ava is growing up nice and weirdly, too, just like my spawn. Know what else makes me happy? J. Deitrich and his Nouveau- Finko art. High octane heaven, man. Reminds me of ye old hotrods of yesteryear... One more all hallowed thought. I really think they made the movie about the wrong Ghost Rider. But that's maybe just me.