Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Bite Of Biskup

I've been thinking it might have been a little presumptuous to name-drop the great Tim Biskup as off-handedly as I did recently, but I was on my way to L.A.-- the centre of the 'Pop Surrealism' movement, and I guess his work was on my mind. But, I mean, there might be a few readers out there who don't know who he is, right? Well, he's one of my favourite artists, and a definate Monsterama fit. I mean, just look at all the cute creeps! Check out this great interview over at Fecal Face (with lots of images) where Tim talks about his Baroque Modern style and it's relationship to so-called 'modern art'... "Every time I meet someone that has just discovered this new art world it reminds me of how universal the appreciation of visual art is & how completely lost most people feel when it comes to the art world. It’s gone so far away from, dare I say, “entertainment” for so long that most people don’t even seem to see going to a gallery as an enjoyable experience. It’s like walking into a research laboratory. It may be interesting (or even fascinating) if you read about it or if someone explains it to you, but a pile of broken light bulbs & sand is just not going to make most people feel anything." Amen Mr. Biskup! Toys, shirts, and postcard prints of monsters... now that's Art!There's another short Q&A at Thunder Chunky. I'll leave you fiends with another wicked Tim Biskup print of the skull-faced hero, Ogon Bat. Mwa Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaa!