Friday, October 14, 2005

Monster Mash Notes

The mummy face image I used to illustrate the post about my daughter's story is from the Frankenstein Sticker series by Topps (1966), which were labeled 'Frankenstein Valentines' on the box and were, indeed, horrible love notes. Topps is probably best known for their Wacky Packages stickers, which are also pretty monsterous, but the Monster stickers are (duh!) my favourite, with pencil art by Jack Davis and Wally Wood, and finished paintings by Norm Saunders. I'm a big fan of the Mars Attacks! and Batman cards from the same period, but my runner up series would have to be the Ugly Stickers (1965) and Buttons (1967), with more sick art by Wood, Saunders, and Basil Wolverton. Talk about a golden age of creep!